Paella of fish with Aneto broth

You will need the following


1 L cooking base for Seafood Paella Aneto

2 cloves garlic

350 g rice

2 calamars

8 prawns

100 g boil mussels

Salt and oil

aneto seafood paella


Step by step

We will start by heating in a saucepan the whole brick of broth Aneto for paellas. Meanwhile, in the paella where we will cook the rice we place the prawns with a little salt. We brown them on both sides with a little oil and reserve them for later.
We put the sliced squid with a little parsley and garlic. When sautéed a few minutes we add the rice. Mix it a few minutes and then add the previously heated Aneto broth. We left a few minutes.
Now is the time to add the mussels and prawns. Leave to cook everything for about 10 minutes and loosen the fire boiling another 10 minutes. After this time we will pay the fire and cover the paella for about 5 minutes to finish absorbing the broth. Let it rest and it is ready to serve.

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