Christmas broth with ravioli truffled chicken

You will need the following


1 l Aneto Christmas Broth

1 spring onion

1 Egg yolk

1 egg

300 g minced chicken meat

30 g chopped serrano ham

100 g duck pate

1 black truffle

Wonton pasta

1 carrot

100 g zucchini

Freshly ground black pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


caldo aneto


Step by step

caldo de navidad
Prepare all the ingredients to cook this delicious Christmas Broth with ravioli truffled chicken.
caldo de navidad
Chop the spring onion, add the chicken and the ham. Add the egg yolk, the pate and the grated truffled.
caldo de navidad
Crush the pâté with a fork and mix everything.
caldo de navidad
Put in the center of a sheet of pasta a teaspoon of the previous fill. Place another sheet above it and paste it with water. Cut the ravioli in the desired way.
caldo de navidad
Chop the carrot and the zuchinni in brunoise and sauté it a few minutes in a pot with extra virgin olive oil.
caldo de navidad
Add the Aneto Christmas Broth and let it cook until the vegetables are tender.
caldo de navidad
Add the ravioli and let it cook for a minute.
caldo de navidad
Serve it in a deep plate with a few green onions.

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