At Aneto Natural we are very proud to say that we are the first and only broth brand to obtain the Welfair Animal WelfareTM certification, with which we guarantee that the animals have been raised taking care of their well-being. With this certification we demonstrate our commitment to quality, making our natural chicken broth with standards higher than those required by law. The Welfair Animal WelfareTM certification objectively evaluates four basic principles in farms, slaughterhouses and food industries: a good diet, good accommodation, good health and a behavior typical of the nature of each species, including a correct emotional state.

Joaquín Jiménez, CEO of Aneto, “this certification guarantees the implementation of the requirements established in Welfare Quality and AWIN® in all phases of production and the maximum information and transparency to the consumer. We are very happy and proud to be the first brand of liquid broths committed to animal welfare”.

In addition, we have improved the quality of our packaging, now manufactured by 87% with renewable materials of vegetable origin and incorporating, as a novelty, a sugar cane cap. With all this, our design has also evolved giving importance to 7 messages that emphasize values ​​such as naturalness, authenticity and sustainability.