From Aneto 100% Natural we collaborate with MANS cooperative to have a positive impact on the territory and the people who live in it. The social project, promoted by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, together with Fundació Molí d’en Puigverd and Fundació Topromi, cultivates, transforms and packages organic vegetables and fruits, while facilitating the socio-occupational integration of young people at risk of social exclusion.

From the fields of Món Sant Benet, an idyllic landscape just ten minutes from our factory, we pick the vegetables, such as cabbage and leek, which we preferably use for our organic range broths. Specifically, in the last year, up to 40% of all the cultivation of these local vegetables ended up in our pots.

On a social level, MANS also helps those who finish their stage in their fields to find employment. For this reason, at Aneto we offer them the opportunity to continue their working life by joining our great family. At the moment there are already two of them and we hope there will be more.