Aneto, a first-rate Broth for the New York Times

The prestigious newspaper The New York Times has rated Aneto Natural’s natural broths as “first-rate”. In a review signed by the renowned culinary critic Florence Fabricant, the absence of additives or preservatives is emphasized, as well as its “good taste”. Among other broths, she mentions the range of basics (Chicken, Fish and Vegetable Broth), but also the ready-to-cook bases for making “excellent” rice and risottos. (Broth for Valencian Paella, Seafood Paella and Squid Ink Paella).

The article, published in both the digital and print versions, has been much appreciated by the 102 people in the Aneto family who work daily to deliver a clean label artisan product to homes. Fabricant, with almost five decades of experience covering trends in the food industry, is a benchmark for anyone connected to the world of gastronomy.