Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming with lots of events.

One more edition will be celebrating Christmas with different Nativity Scenes of Spain, for example in Puerto de Santa Maria, Totana, Manzanares el Real, Cuellar o Corró de Vall. 63 performances where people’ll be able to taste our Christmas Broth, an ideal product against cold weather that it will help to enjoy the scenes.

aneto belenes

Other great events will be the classic Christmas races. The brave runners who run with cold temperatures could recovery with Aneto Christmas Broth. You will  find us in San Silvestre Donostiarra, , Carrera del Papa Noel, San Silvestre Alcarreña, Carrera del Pavo o la Cursa de cap d’any de Sabadell.

navidad aneto

Thanks for sharing Christmas with us.

Merry Christmas!